Banana and oat pancakes with chia seed jam

Cooking vegan pancakes is so easy, once you do it you’ll wonder why it wasn’t always done this way. These pancakes are made from just five store cupboard ingredients, and they’re also super… Continue reading

Mango and avocado salad with lime tahini dressing

This salad is such a riotous mixture of colours and sweet, tropical flavours. It’s fantastic mood food, I love it! The silky mango and smooth, buttery avocado are balanced out by crispy leaves,… Continue reading

Detoxifying beetroot juice

No matter how clean our food, or how holy our habits, we all need a little help detoxing sometimes. In the modern world we live in it’s almost impossible to provide our bodies… Continue reading

Raw carrot cake bliss balls

  In lieu of having a whole four days off work in a row last week (golden) I packed a bag, bought a train ticket, crossed my fingers that no more of the… Continue reading

Hemp and cacao protein bars

Picture the scene: the dry, grey, seeded protein bar walks into a bar (with the arrogance that comes with a powerhouse of nutritional properties and all the charisma of a wet flannel), and… Continue reading

Red grape & Butternut squash tart – Gluten & Dairy free

When I say I love food, I don’t mean it in the normal way. I mean I really love food. I spend all my free time cooking and all my non-free time thinking… Continue reading

Cabbage enchiladas and my best bean chilli

I love mexican food. I love the colour, I love the noise, I love the sweet, smoky taste and I love the versatility of it. For me, the best kinds of meals are… Continue reading

Apple and almond butter sandwich

So admittedly if you look for portability, convenience and minimal mess in your mid afternoon pick me up then this probably isn’t the snack for you. However if you are after healthiness, creativity,… Continue reading

Curried parsnip, sweet potato and spinach soup

I quite often make up big batches of roast veggies, houmous and cooked pulses at the weekend so that I have a store of go to healthy meal components ready for the week… Continue reading

Raw broccoli, rice and pomegranate salad

This salad is adapted from a recipe in the wonderful Green Kitchen Stories cookbook (if you don’t have this book in your life then you should rectify that situation immediately, or at least… Continue reading