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Strawberry & chia breakfast bowl

Breakfast is my absolute favourite meal of the day. Oats, crunchy or soft; fruit, dried or fresh; nuts, whole or buttered…. Its all the best foods rolled into one meal! And the things… Continue reading

Lemony herbed farro with summer vegetables and halloumi

A lot has happened in a year. I left university, got a job, left the job, travelled around the world, moved back in, got a job, moved back out, left the job and¬†got… Continue reading

Raw vegan brownies

When chocolate cravings strike these are absolute lifesavers, they can be whipped up in under ten minutes and are just as delicious as their more traditional, sugary sisters. They are really soft and… Continue reading

Vegan: Week 1

So I have been vegan for a week now and it’s been going pretty well! Cutting out even more food types hasn’t made me feel restricted, hungry or frustrated, instead it’s encouraged me… Continue reading

Vegan: Day 1. Breakfast Bake and Pesto Sandwich

I’ve decided to document my progress whilst I go vegan for lent on here, I’ll post recipes (only the good ones, no one wants to know about my marmite toast), ¬†discoveries and any… Continue reading

Spice up your life! (Or just your lunch)

I’ve been looking at some vegan lunch options and alternatives to my normal, boring cheese salad sandwich. Here are just a few that I’ve enjoyed so far: The Avocado Medley Wholegrain bread Avocado… Continue reading

A quick game of Would you rather?

Meat chilli vs Rainbow bean chilli

Gingerbread adventures

Every christmas, a big group of us meets up and attempts a new festive, baking challenge. This year we ventured into the pretty traditional field of gingerbread with some pretty untraditional ideas. Suggestions… Continue reading

Absence, Festivities and New Starts.

First off, I’ll start by apologizing for my recent absence and lack of posting. The last three weeks have been a rollercoaster ride of crazy, starting off in the valley of essays and… Continue reading

Neither green nor edible, but please indulge me.

Mixed media piece inspired by a recent trip to the Cornish coast.