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Mini banana loaves

I’ve always loved running my blog. I was a complete amateur when I first started, so much so that my initial efforts are best characterized as ‘things on bread’ and not much more. I’ve… Continue reading

Apple, nut and seed bread with chia jam

The title of this recipe may be slightly misleading as it doesn’t actually contain of the ordinary bread-making ingredients such as wheat, flour, milk or yeast.. However, in that it is rectangle shaped, beigeish… Continue reading

Maple, almond and blackberry muffins

I’ve recently discovered that our new house is located right in the middle of prime blackberry territory. So since then I’ve been out every morning, making the most of the glut of ripe berries… Continue reading

Cacao and maca superfood smoothie

This is my absolute go to smoothie at the moment. I have it for breakfast, take it to work for lunch or even make it as a quick dessert in the evening. It’s… Continue reading

Banana buckwheat bites

Okay people, so admittedly these are not best looking snacks on the block, but let’s all just try to be adult about this and give these babies a chance. Made of just a… Continue reading

Banana and oat pancakes with chia seed jam

Cooking vegan pancakes is so easy, once you do it you’ll wonder why it wasn’t always done this way. These pancakes are made from just five store cupboard ingredients, and they’re also super… Continue reading

Detoxifying beetroot juice

No matter how clean our food, or how holy our habits, we all need a little help detoxing sometimes. In the modern world we live in it’s almost impossible to provide our bodies… Continue reading

Hemp and cacao protein bars

Picture the scene: the dry, grey, seeded protein bar walks into a bar (with the arrogance that comes with a powerhouse of nutritional properties and all the charisma of a wet flannel), and… Continue reading

Banana Bread

My Mum always made this when I was a child, and to this day it remains my favourite cake. It’s best eaten warm out of the oven when it’s all squidgy and moist,… Continue reading

A breakfast of (real) champions: Almond and cashew yoghurt with coconut-cinnamon granola

I don’t know how many times I’ve said it, but breakfast food has got to be the best food, am I right? I just love how the relatively small combination of delicious and… Continue reading