Apple, nut and seed bread with chia jam

The title of this recipe may be slightly misleading as it does not actually contain of the ordinary ingredients such as wheat, flour, milk or yeast which we find in conventional breads. However, in… Continue reading

Almond & Coconut Mince Pies

  I have to admit, before now I’d never given mince pies the time of day. Festive treason, I know! But a crime whose punishment I’ve paid in the form of all the… Continue reading

Jewelled butternut squash with spiced lentils and feta

This is probably one of my favourite meals of all time. And that really says a lot, as someone who spends 90% of her time thinking about food (and the other 10% eating… Continue reading

Courgette and lemon loaf

So it turns out that being known as the weirdly enthusiastic vegetarian girl does have its perks. My friend Ana recently returned from a trip home to London with the announcement that she had… Continue reading

Rosemary roasted rainbow carrots

I recently visited Borough Market in London (heaven), and came home with a bag bursting full of some pretty weird and wonderful farmers market veg. I made a point of buying produce that… Continue reading

Easy Pumpkin brownies

Let’s be honest, halloween is not about pumpkins. It’s not about trick or treating nor is it about paganism. It’s not about dressing up as a ‘sexy cat’ or ‘sexy zombie nurse’ (anyone else… Continue reading

Super green alkalizing soup

I’m fairly confident that this is probably the most green you could ever fit into a bowl. Made with kale, spinach, broccoli and asparagus this soup is BURSTING with green goodness. Kale and spinach are… Continue reading

Summer fruits crumble

  This is now the third crumble recipe on my blog, which some might say was excessive, I disagree. We all know that crumble is absolutely, hands down, no competition the best pudding out… Continue reading

Maple, almond and blackberry muffins

I’ve recently discovered that our new house is located right in the middle of prime blackberry territory. So since then I’ve been out every morning, making the most of the glut of ripe berries… Continue reading

Sweet potato and coconut pudding

    So admittedly the concept of this pudding is slightly peculiar. Even now I’m not really sure what it is, it’s not really solid enough to be a pudding, nor light enough to be… Continue reading